Filua Pimp My Ride specialises in customization of both used and new vehicles to customers taste, repairs of accident vehicles and training. FPMR also have a sub-group that runs logistic outfit with the sole aim of empowering people tho move to and fro across the length and breath of Nigeria with their goods and services at an affordable price.
Employment opportunities are also created as such for trained personnel in the transport business either as park administrators,Vehicle drivers and other services needed in the sector.

FPMR International is also strategically involved in giving back to the society, therefore FPMR Founder was established to create manpower development and direct labour empowerment. Presently the foundation trains youth with the aim of making them self sufficient after training. While in training, the they are paid weekly allowance to help them in meeting their personal need and also encourage them to focus. Also they are under scholarship so no fees were collected from them.


Our strategy as a company is to make the people to be part of our vision and ultimately believe in our ability to improve the standard of living by identifying with the made in Nigerian brand and campaign also to provide essential service at affordable fees in transportation, education and social activities.

We brand all our affiliate with the name Mr Naija especially our trasport vehicles with the predominat Nigerian colour; Green, White and Green while carryig the pictures of Chife Obafemi Awolowo, Dr Nnamdi Azikwe and Alhaji Tafawa Balewa. In addition to this bear images of both Christanity and Islam faith. The Nigerian coat of arms is boldly printed on the hood of the vehicles.

However, our branding is not politically or religious motivated but powering our sincere love for our greate country Nigeria as a nation and to promote unity amongst the various ethnic and religious diversity

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